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These are the contents of my head... [userpic]


April 8th, 2011 (05:51 pm)

Originally posted by clari_clyde at post

I’ve been wondering what’s up with all the DDoS attacks LJ has been receiving lately. Signal boosting [info]ingridmatthews:

Just in case anyone thinks LJ's downtime is just TPTB being incompetant, read this:

LiveJournal, Russia's blogging platform of choice, is sustaining biggest cyberattack attack in its history. Bloggers say the Kremlin wants to crack down on political discussion.

"LiveJournal, Russia’s most popular blogging platform, has been under a massive DDoS attack for the past few days. The attack has effectively wiped out Russia’s main refuge for unbridled political discussion, a hugely lively and extensive domain frequented by politicians, opposition activists and social commentators alike...

“The reason for attack is more than clear in this case — someone wants LiveJournal to disappear as a platform,” Ilya Dronov, development director at SUP, wrote in a post on his LiveJournal blog earlier this week. He said the hackers were hoping to push bloggers from LJ to social networks where “it's easier to fight individual users.”"



These are the contents of my head... [userpic]

Ask me anything!

February 12th, 2010 (04:56 pm)

Go here and ask me anything :)


These are the contents of my head... [userpic]


July 10th, 2009 (11:30 am)

Also, I've been on facebook a lot more than LJ lately. Mainly because I was having difficulty gathering my thoughts to give an actual update. If you're on facebook you can find me here: http://www.facebook.com/thechristina

These are the contents of my head... [userpic]

New Beginnings... An update

July 10th, 2009 (01:08 am)

current mood: pensive

The biggest news of this post is that I will be moving to Indiana. I leave California on August 29th so you better believe there will be a going away party night of August 28th. I'm not sure of the exact location yet, but please mark your calendars. I would *love* to see as many people as possible before I go :)

behind a cut because I care about your flistCollapse )
TL;DR - Moving to Indiana, Going away party *August 28*, I <3 Rob, Losing my dad still sucks, blahblahblah woe is me, I am healthy and continue to be a medical oddity.

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